Office of Research and Evaluation 2019 Research Summit
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Office of Research and Evaluation 2019 Research Summit

Come learn and build with us!
The Office of Research and Evaluation will be hosting our third Research Summit on September 16-17, 2019 in Washington, DC.

The Summit theme is Bridging Divides, Building Communities. Scholars, practitioners, and citizens working to improve the quality of life in communities may share a common goal but often diverge in their strategies. In part, this is due to different sets of expertise, perspective and experience. These differences can create counterproductive silos of effort. Transcending the boundaries of our own communities will be required if we are to create solutions to our most pressing problems. Please join us in a conversation about improving lives, strengthening communities, and fostering civic engagement through national service and volunteering. We have much to learn about from each other!

The Summit has three major goals:
  • Engage audiences who have a wide array of experiences and expertise, including scholars, community partners, community residents, students, CNCS staff and grantees, policy makers, practitioners, and other federal staff, in a conversation about strengthening communities
  • Create opportunities for shared learning across government, universities, community-based organizations, schools, and other institutions that can be a part of imagining and building vibrant communities
  • Share knowledge of the ways in which national and community service volunteers are building communities and expanding research and practice in the field of civic engagement

Please join us across the Potomac River at the Crystal City Double Tree in Arlington, VA.

The cost of the conference is $25 USD per person.


You can also send questions to Jennifer Gillissen.
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